A free slouchy hat crochet pattern that is easy and quick, perfect for beginners. Your best seller at craft fairs

slouchy hat crochet pattern

I have made 100s of these hats over the past couple years. Before I started this blog & my adventure with pattern writing, I sold my knitwear & newborn photo props at craft fairs & on Etsy. This adult slouchy hat was my number one seller along with a simple scarf.

My crochet patterns at that time were designed with simplicity in mind. I had been crocheting for 1 year, still considered a beginner to crochet. You can crochet the popular slouchy hat in 1 hour. Just one of the many reasons I love super bulky yarn.

I finally sat down long enough to crochet this slouchy hat & lucky for you this time I brought a pen & notebook! Lucky for me, it was like riding a bicycle, the stitches just came right back.

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What You’ll Need

You Should Know This

  • Working in the backstitch– also known as working in the 3rd loop or camel stitch. Here’s a video tutorial.
  • Use the “No-Cut Join Method” Video OR use the basic slip stitch method to join at the end of each round. The No-Cut Join Method will give you an almost seamless join and keep the rounds even.
  • To crochet evenly around the hat band watch this video to get rid of the holes between the hat band and the first round of the hat body.

crochet in the backstitch, camel stitch, knit stitch, crochet in the 3rd loop

Update: If you love this hat, check out the crochet slouchy beanie pattern that uses lighter weight yarn and comes in sizes for the whole family.

Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern

Hat Band 10.00mm Hook

ch 6

row 1 hdc in 2nd ch from hook, hdc in each ch across, turn (5sts)

row 2-24 ch 1. (BLO) hdc in each stitch across. turn (5sts) Fold the hat band in half. sl st down the side to form a band. Don’t break yarn.

Hat Body 12.00mm Hook

If pattern reads, work in backstitch. Work the entire round in the backstitch.

round 1 beginning where you left off, ch 1, evenly hdc around the band until you have 24sts. join (24sts) helpful video tutorial

round 2 ch 1, work in backstitch, hdc around. join (24sts)

round 3  ch 2, work in backstitch, dc around. join (24sts)

round 4 ch 1, hdc around. join. (24sts)

round 5 repeat round 2

round 6 repeat round 3

round 7 repeat round 4

round 8 repeat round 2

round 9 repeat round 3

round 10 repeat round 4


round 11 ch 1, hdc2tog around (12sts)

round 12 ch 1, hdc2tog around (6sts)

Break yarn and weave through the top loops of remaining stitches, pull tight, and weave in ends. Secure a large pom pom to top of the hat.

Since this slouchy hat crochet pattern only took you an hour you probably have time to check out the Guide To Crochet Hat Patterns

free slouchy hat crochet pattern