In the video tutorial you'll learn 2 ways to change colors in fair isle crochet to make the classic heart pattern using the center single crochet stitch.

#Fair Isle Friday { Week 2}

Today I’m answering your question, “How do I keep my “hearts” looking so neat in fair isle crochet?” A lot of this has to do with how you change yarn colors. In the video tutorial below I show you how to use your contrast color yarn for only the “hearts” or the base of your center single crochet stitch & not your top loops. 

2 Ways To Change Colors In Fair Isle Crochet

Method #1

The 1st way to change yarn colors is used when creating the classic fair isle “hearts” pattern. This method lets you change colors of just the heart while leaving the top loops of your stitch the main color. This method works with other stitches too. The crochet in the back stitch, also known as the camel stitch, is used in the Everly Hat Pattern and The Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern.

crochet fair isle pattern


Method #2

I use this method when I am crocheting a more detailed stitch pattern. It changes the color of the heart & both the top loops of your stitch. Here’s a hint of what’s coming next week! The free pattern for the modern ikat hat is now available!

If your hearts are slanting in one direction check your tension. When the yarn color you aren’t working is pulled too tight it can cause the hearts to slant. Another helpful tip is to use the crochet seamless join. This crochet technique creates an almost seamless join that is straight up and down instead of slowly spiraling around your hat.

ikat crochet hat pattern

In both methods, I recommend working over the yarn not in use. This will give the inside of your hat a cleaner look. Now you know how to keep your fair isle crochet nice and neat! 

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