A guide to help you find crochet hat patterns you'll love. Pictures of 36 modern crochet hat patterns for children and adults. Find the perfect crochet hat patterns for beginners with this ultimate list of crochet patterns.


There are 3 things I hate shopping for.

  1.  Jeans: The dreaded dressing room nightmare. Stitch Fix has come to the recue.
  2.  Swimsuits: No one can fix this.
  3.  Crochet hat patterns: There are too many choices. I feel overwhelmed when I have to click through 50+ text links that say “cutest hat ever”  only to find it’s not my style.

Neutrals, cozy texture, and modern crochet is the type of crochet hat patterns you’ll find here. At the end, you’ll see a list of sites that let you filter your search options and include pictures.

Let’s talk about the best way to narrow your search so you can quickly find a crochet pattern you love.

Chunky Monkey Or Skinny Minnie

Crocheters have a favorite yarn or two. Whether it’s a sport cotton or bulky wool it’s important to know what you prefer when searching for a pattern. Too many times I’ve chosen a pattern and didn’t like the recommended yarn so I switched, only to have the finished hat not turn out.

A good place to start with your pattern search is with the desired yarn weight.

My love affair with super bulky yarn is no secret. You can whip up a hat in an hour, plus you’ll stay toasty warm. I live in the Midwest, where it gets cold and stays cold 9 months out of the year. A warm hat is crucial.

I will make an exception and chose a worsted weight yarn for baby hats. A chunky hat isn’t as cozy or stretchy for a little bundle of joy. Unless you are crocheting a photo prop, stick to a practical, aka washable, yarn for a new baby. Mom will thank you.

What Fiber To Chose?

Acrylic yarn is the most affordable choice and can be tossed in the washing machine. It’s no secret that some acrylics gets fuzzy. I choose a blended yarn for my kids’ hats. Wool-Ease Thick And Quick holds up well to multiple washings and being thrown into the kids’ backpacks every day. Ruby Webbs Crochet has beautiful crochet hat patterns that feature cotton yarn. It’s soft and durable. Her baby girl cotton hat pattern is featured below.

Other Yarn Favorites For Hats

After you consider the yarn you’ll want to think about the fit and style of hat you want to crochet. A slouchy beanie is a fun twist on a traditional hat. You can turn any hat pattern slouchy by making the hat body longer. Let your creativity flow with these examples.

Textures and Stitches

You already know I’m a fan of texture. There are so many types of crochet stitches to create unique textures. Most of them use basic stitches with a little twist. Once you’ve mastered the basic crochet stitches you can move on to more intricate designs. My favorite are the “knit look stitches” They have the classic look of knitting with the simplicity of crochet.

Sweet and Girly Stitches

Dainty stitches are perfect for little girls hats. Textured cables, the puff stitch, and shell stitch all make adorable hats. A good tip when working with a  stitch full of texture is to use a light colored yarn. This helps the design of the stitch stand out.

Crochet Hat Patterns For Boys

I didn’t forget the handsome boys. After all, my little boy is why I learned to crochet. My absolute favorite boy hat pattern is the Aviator Hat. When choosing a crochet hat pattern for boys basic stitches are best.

Crochet Hat Pattern Sources

There are endless websites that have huge databases full of crochet hat patterns. I don’t have time to scroll through lists of patterns to find my next project. I’m sure you don’t either.

I’ve listed the sites that are the most user-friendly. You can filter your search by all the topics listed above. Yarn weight and fiber, style, or certain stitches used.

If this only applied to swimsuit shopping. A girl can dream.

modern crochet hat patterns for the whole family. Learn where and how to search for the perfect crochet hat pattern