I’ve tried more crochet hat patterns than I can count.The first few hats I made didn’t turn out like the pattern because I didn’t understand the basics. For beginner crocheters, written patterns can be frustrating. Written patterns leave out the basic things that you are expected to know, how to join at the end of each round, change yarn colors, and how to crochet evenly around a hat band to name a few. The last one is our focus today.

Crochet Evenly Around

The 1st round of the hat body is also called the transition round. It is the round where you switch from crocheting in rows to crocheting in the round. After you’ve crocheted a ribbed hat band, like in this slouchy hat crochet pattern, most patterns will say ” half double crochet evenly around the hat band until you have “x” amount of stitches.”

slouchy hat crochet pattern
Slouchy Beanie

 Where Do I Insert My Hook

In most hat patterns the number of rows in the hat band equals the number of stitches in the transition round. You will work 1 stitch in the top of each row.

In my fair isle crochet hat patterns, the number of stitches is less than the number of rows. You need to skip a few rows here and there to get the correct stitch count. The last stitch should be at the end of the round without a gap.

When I was trying to figure out the best way to explain this, I found a better place to insert your hook. You won’t have holes in between the hat band and the transition round.

  • The old way:  Insert the hook under the very top loop of the end of each row.
  • The new way: Insert the hook farther down into the row having at least 2 loops on the hook, leaving no room for awful holes.

Written crochet patterns shouldn’t be scary. Your next hat is sure to look great without any holes! If you use this tip tag me on Instagram @sweeteverlyb