Watch this video tutorial to learn an easy way to crochet seamless join without cutting the yarn each round. Use this technique to keep your seam straight when crocheting in the round. The seamless join also keeps your stitches from slanting while doing fair isle crochet.

crochet seamless join video

How many times have you made an adorable hat for your kids & they wear it backwards? That big ol’ seam is always staring at you. It never fails. I’m not a big fan of the crochet seamless join that you cut the yarn at the end of each round. It’s just too much work for me. I stumbled upon the “no cut join method”. Once you get the hang of it, I think it’s just as fast as the basic slip stitch method.

Crochet Seamless Join Video Tutorial

When should you use the No-Cut Join Method?

    • Stripes: Typically when you crochet stripes, at the end of each round they don’t line up evenly. With this method, you will have even rows!
    • HDC in the 3rd loop or backstitch: The same as stripes, this stitch never lines up perfectly. Until now! You can use this method on the Everly Hat too.
    • Fair Isle Crochet: If your “hearts” tend to lean 1 way this joining method will help keep them straight. This is important when you are making an intricate design, like a snowflake.

A  crochet pattern will read: sl st to join, at the end of each round. Instead of slip stitching, you will just follow this method.

Here are a few things I learned with my 1st video.

  • It’s much harder than it looks to film a video.
  • My bio should say I have HANDS of an 80-year-old instead of heart.
  • I can’t wait to shoot more videos.

What is your favorite way to join your crochet work and get rid of seams?

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