Make this playful watermelon crochet hat pattern, the perfect spring crochet pattern for kids.

Spring calls for a casual approach to accessories. Think airy, playful colors that let the sunshine in.  A hat crocheted with a lightweight yarn is the perfect transition piece.

crochet watermelon hat pattern, crochet hat patterns, crochet for kidsIf you live in a climate like North Dakota, spring is pretty unpredictable. 1 day is full of sunshine and birds singing. The next, a blizzard big enough to cancel school. It’s safe to say we don’t put away our winter gear until May. The playful colors in the crochet watermelon hat give you all the springtime feels, even if there are 2 feet of snow.

I made a few simple modifications to the basic fair isle pom to get the watermelon crochet hat pattern. I’ve added these to my current fair isle pom beanie pattern at no extra cost.

What’s included in the crochet pattern?

  • Everything in the basic pattern. ( 6 sizes)
  • Video links to special stitches.
  • An extra PDF with modifications to make the watermelon hat.
  • Full support. I’m happy to help answer any questions you have along the way.

I missed you spring, you can stay for a while. In case you change your mind, I’ll have my watermelon hat. Ready to make yours? Grab your crochet hooks, the pattern, and a cup of coffee. That sounds like a great way to enjoy the weekend.

Get The Watermelon Crochet Hat Pattern

Stay Cozy,