How To Turn Jeans Into Yarn - Video Tutorial

Do your kids outgrow or wear a hole in their jeans first? My sewing skills are slim to none. Thanks to my 5-year-old, I’ve mastered the art of patching jeans. Repurposing those jeans into free yarn instead is music to my ears.

Other DIY tutorials cut horizontal slits in the jeans to create one long strand of yarn. I tested the idea and crocheted a plant cover that had more prickly lumps than the cactus itself. There had to be a way to make yarn from jeans without those pesky seams.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to turn jeans into yarn without the bulky seams.

You Only Need 2 Things

How To Turn Jeans Into Yarn

  1. Cut off the bottom hem of the leg.
  2. Start at the bottom, cut up along the seam until you get to the pocket.
  3. Turn your scissors and cut along the bottom of the back pocket. You should now be able to flip open the back panel of the jeans.
  4. Turn your scissors again and cut back down along the other seam. You will have a rectangle of denim with no seams left.
  5. Make your denim yarn 1/2″ wide

    1. Start cutting along one side of the rectangle leaving 1/2″ space.
    2. When you get to a corner don’t cut all the way through. Leave a 1/2″ section uncut. Turn your scissors and continue cutting along the next side until you reach the next corner.
    3. Repeat this until you have only 1 ” remaining.
    4. The last row will be cut straight up the middle leaving 1/2″ on either side of the scissors. Don’t cut all the way through. Again, just leave a small section uncut.
    5. Wind your yarn into a ball and start your project.

    After you have repurposed those jeans, make this crochet flower pot cover. No sewing required.

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