It’s almost nap time. I washed the last dish from lunch. The kitchen is almost sparkling. I hear a crash from my daughter’s room.  Every mom cringes when they hear this. The awful sound of Lego’s being dumped. This is how every day goes. An organized house is a  balancing act that never ends. Here are a few things that help keep my sanity.

  • Less is More: If something isn’t used/loved it goes. I use a rotating system for my kids’ toys. It’s so much easier for them to clean up a few toys then every toy they own.
  • Everything has a place: If a toy doesn’t have a home it never gets put away. Bins and baskets are perfect for sorting toys. Reusable bags keep toys together inside of larger baskets.
  • Coffee: Iced coffee to be exact. Because what mom ever gets to drink her coffee hot?

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I’ve made quite a few baskets trying to control the clutter. Testing different patterns & types of yarn, none turned out exactly how I wanted. I decided to make the ultimate crochet basket.

Requirements for the Ultimate Basket Crochet Pattern
  • Sturdy Handles
  • Stiff Sides
  • Modern design
  • Replace my Cube Fabric Bins

yarn storage solution, basket crochet pattern with handles, crochet storageCrochet baskets start with a circle base then row by row you work the sides. The problem with this method, the sides curve out instead of going straight up. This causes the sides to be floppy and have an unfinished look. An extra, secret round along the base of the basket helps keep the sides firm and in place.

I can’t express how much I recommend using T-Shirt Yarn. I tried quite a few yarns & this was the sturdiest. These baskets still look the same as the day I made them, even with my toddler toting them from room to room.

Basket Crochet Pattern: I Spill All the Details

  • yarn substitutes
  • hook sizes
  • tips to keep the bottom of your basket flat
  • the secret round to keep your sides stiff
  • 2 nesting basket sizes
  • options for your handles

nesting crochet basket pattern, crochet pattern basket

The Woodland Basket Crochet Pattern is available in my shop. If you need a basket that will corral all the clutter, this pattern is for you. I  know I’ll still hear the crash of Legos scattering across the floor. But now we have beautiful baskets to help organize them.

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