The ultimate gift guide for yarn lovers. You'll find the unique gifts for crocheters that won't disappoint. Crochet tools and gadgets you shouldn't be without. This crochet organizer bag is on my crochet wish list.

Have you been searching for the perfect gift for crocheters? Or maybe you deserve a little retail therapy? Either way, the gift guide below has unique gifts for crocheters and knitters alike. If your only idea is a gift card to the craft store, keep reading.  These crochet tools won’t disappoint.

The Best Gifts For Crocheters

1. It’s no secret, I love all things organization. I own a basket for everything. I’ve been searching for a crochet organizer bag for quite a while. “It is made to last! Not only because of the strong fabric, but also because of the look. It is sophisticated enough to be proud of with the leather tab but looks casual enough with the dark denim.” –Jesabelle Owner of Jesabelle B

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A Unique Gift For Crocheters

2. Add a spark of magic to your next project. The 1 of a kind gift the yarn lover will appreciate. Hawthorn Handmade has numerous scissors to match your style.

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Everything In One Bag

3. A crochet kit makes a unique gift for crocheters. “The ultra chunky Louisa Wrap puts a modern spin on a timeless classic. Gone are the days of “granny shawls” and frumpy knitwear.”- Alexandra Owner of Two of Wands

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The Obvious Gift

4. Curling up with a cup of coffee, a good book, and a cozy wool blanket sounds like a grand way to spend my weekend. Mama Knows Luxury is located in Canada making shipping prices for this merino wool reasonable.

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Don’t Forget The Tools

5. I’ve had a wood crochet hook on my wishlist forever. Giving a gift that feels like a splurge will make any crochet lover happy.


A Yarn Bag That Matches Your Personality

6. A project bag every yarn lover needs. Lindsey, at Precious Knits, has so many hilarious sayings to match your personality. If you’re looking for a funny gift for crocheters you’ll want to check out her shop.

I never check my gauge when crocheting. Tell me I’m not alone?

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I Saved The Best For Last.

7. How much time have you wasted untangling a skein of yarn? A hot mess of yarn can ruin any work in progress. “Think of Skein Coats as a solution for taming any yarn skein, ball or cake. They are lightweight, portable, reusable, they prevent tangles and keep your yarn clean and neat.” –Lindsey Owner of Precious Knits

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The Bottom Line

Whichever yarn gadget you choose is sure to be a hit with the crochet lover in your life. You can even pair it with a gift card. Now I need to share these gifts for crocheters with my husband. Maybe he’ll get the hint!

gift guide for yarn lovers, crochet gadgets, unique gift for crocheters, yarn gadgets