Learn how to DIY yarn tassels that will add a modern feel to your crochet pieces. The video tutorial teaches you how to make huge yarn tassels in 5 easy steps.

how to slip stitch in the back loop to create a knit look texture with crochet. The best tutorial yet!

Tassels are a fun trend that keeps showing up in home decor and fashion. From dainty tassels made out of embroidery thread to jumbo tassels, they’re everywhere. I find myself wanting to add them to all the things, especially my crochet pieces.

Think pillows, throw blankets, and crochet triangle scarves.

DIY yarn tassels are a great way to bust through your never-ending yarn stash. You can use any weight and type of yarn you have. In the how-to video, I use super bulky weight yarn to make a giant tassel for my Canyon Scarf Crochet Pattern. You can use the same method for all types of yarn or thread.

Video Tutorial | How To DIY Yarn Tassels

How to DIY yarn tassels in 5 easy steps. You can make jumbo tassels to add to your crochet pieces or dainty tassels from embroidery thread following this video tutorial.

What You Need

  • Cardboard Template: I used a postcard, but any sturdy cardstock will work. The length of your template will be the same as your finished tassel length.
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle

5 Simple Steps To DIY Yarn Tassels

  1. Cut a template the same length as your finished tassel. I used a postcard. Any type of cardboard or sturdy cardstock will work.
  2. Wrap the yarn around the template. How many times depends on how thick you want the tassel.
  3. Cut the yarn bundle on one side of the template.
  4. Fold the yarn bundle in half. Hold the yarn bundle in your fist, with the top 1/4 “head” of the tassel showing. With a single strand of yarn, close to your fist, tie a knot around the head.
  5. Wrap the yarn around a few times. Using a tapestry needle, sew the strand up through the center of the head. Use this strand to sew the tassel onto the corner of your scarf.