A free crochet cowl pattern for kids and toddlers. The soft yarn, button closure, and shape make a comfortable scarf your toddler will love wearing.

crochet scarf pattern for toddlers

A toddler crochet cowl pattern has been in the making for a long time. I’ve made quite a few scarves for my kids over the last couple winters. They look adorable and add an extra sense of fashion to her outfits, only if she wears it.

Everly always tries to wear a scarf but hates all the bulk behind her neck. She has dreams to chase and unicorns to ride. No time for fixing a scarf.

Here’s Why The Crochet Cowl Is Ideal For Kids

  • It has a button closure. You don’t have to squeeze it over their little head.
  • The bandana shape gets rid of the bulk behind their neck. The back of the cowl is narrow.
  • The worsted weight yarn is light making the crochet cowl fit nicely under jackets.
  • The slip stitch creates a knit look texture that’s simple and works for a boy or girl, just choose your color.

If you prefer to use chunky yarn try the Canyon Scarf Pattern. It uses the same knit look stitch and has tassels.

4 Tips That Will Make The Slip Stitch Easier

    • Keep your tension loose. Slip Stitches are a tight stitch. Keep your tension loose. It should be easy to insert your hook.
    • Use a bigger hook. Use a hook that is almost double the recommended size for your yarn. This will keep the stitches loose & help keep your cowl edges from rolling.
    • Count your stitches. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to miss a stitch at the end of your rows. Check your stitch count every once in a while.
    • The front loop is always the loop closest to you. The back loop is the furthest from you. Regardless if you are working the right side or wrong side of the scarf. To help you learn which loop is which, watch this video. How To Master Slip Stitch Crochet.

crochet cowl pattern for toddlers and kids

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What You Need

Crochet Abbreviations (US Terms)

      • sl st = slip stitch
      • slst2tog = slip stitch 2 together, decrease
      • (FLO) = front loop only – work the entire row in the front loop
      • (BLO) = back loop only – work the entire row in the back loop
      • ch = chain
      • st(s) = stitch(es)

Special Stitches

      • (FLO) slst2tog: insert hook into FL of stitch, insert hook into FL of 2nd stitch (you will have 3 loops on the hook), YO, pull through all the loops on the hook.
      • (BLO) slst2tog: insert hook into BL of stitch, insert hook into BL of 2nd stitch (you will have 3 loops on the hook), YO, pull through all the loops on the hook.

In this crochet video tutorial, I’m using a jumbo crochet hook to make the Canyon Scarf, but the concept is the same for this crochet cowl pattern. You’ll just be using a much smaller hook and yarn. Watch to see how to slip stitch in the back and front loops and how to slip stitch two stitches together.

Toddler Crochet Cowl Pattern

You can find the matching ribbed beanie crochet pattern here.

ch 55 (the scarf will “shrink” as you start working the sl sts)

row 1. sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in each ch across. do not turn (54 sts)

row 2. working along opposite side of ch, sl st in each ch across. turn (54 sts)

row 3. (FLO) sl st in each st across. turn (54 sts)

row 4. (BLO) sl st in each st across. turn (54 sts)

rows 5-8. repeat rows 3 & 4

row 9. (FLO) slst2tog, sl st across until you reach the last 2 sts, slst2tog. turn (52 sts)

row 10. (BLO) slst2tog, sl st across until you reach the last 2 sts, slst2tog. turn (50 sts)

rows 11-32. repeat rows 9 &10

You will have 2 stitches remaining at the end of the scarf.  Cut the yarn and sew in the ends. Both sides of the crochet cowl have a beautiful texture. You can decide which texture you would like to show off.

      1. Lay your cowl with the side you want to show facing up.
      2. Hand sew the 2 wood buttons onto the top right corner.
      3. To close the scarf with the buttons, take the other top corner and fold it over. Find a place along the edge and push the buttons through a space in between the stitches.

Now an annoying scarf won’t stop your toddler from chasing her dreams and she’ll look cute too. If you loved this pattern let me know in the comments. Should I make it in other sizes?

button cowl crochet pattern for kids