A chunky crochet scarf pattern that will fool your knitting friends. The edges naturally curl up to create a squishy cowl that lays perfect every time.

There are 50+ ways to tie a scarf, and I haven’t mastered any of them.

I follow the tutorials and end up with a blob that looks nothing like the picture. I’m not great at styling my accessories. I need a scarf that I can pull over my head and lays right every time.

There’s something cozy about the way a knit cowl naturally curls up around the edges.

A chunky crochet scarf pattern that lays perfect every time you wear it.

I designed a crochet pattern that mimics the same look. The edges slightly curl up to create a squishy cowl that you’ll want to wear when the temperatures start falling. The ridges give the cowl the perfect drape so it lays right every time you wear it.

No need to style this scarf.

Get The Look

In this chunky crochet scarf pattern, we’ll use one simple stitch, the slip stitch. Switching back and forth between the front and back loops creates those ridges.

You’ll like this Triangle Scarf Crochet Pattern too. It uses the same slip stitches and a jumbo hook.

A free crochet cowl pattern that looks like it was knit. The edges roll up just like a knit garment.

How To Make The Slip Stitch Easier

  • Keep your tension loose. Slip Stitches are a very tight stitch. Working the stitch loosely will make it easier to insert your hook.
  • Use a bigger hook. To keep your stitches loose and the edges straight, look at the recommended hook size for your yarn and double it.
  • Count your stitches. This may seem obvious, but it’s really easy to miss the last stitch at the end of the rows. So check your stitch count every once in a while.
  • The front loop is always the loop closest to you. The back loop is the furthest from you. The slip stitch is a short stitch so it’s easy to get the loops confused. This video will show you how to slip stitch crochet.

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What You Need

Crochet Cowl Pattern Tips

  • At the beginning of each round, the pattern reads (BLO) or (FLO). Work the entire round in the indicated loop.
  • The cowl is worked in a continuous spiral. This means you won’t be joining at the end of each round. Instead of joining with a slip stitch, you’ll keep crocheting around and around until you have completed all the rounds. A stitch marker will come in handy to help mark the first stitch of the round.
  • The chunky crochet scarf is sized for an adult. The finished measurements are 13″ wide and 18″ tall.

Crochet Abbreviations ( US Crochet Terms)

  • (BLO) = back loop only
  • (FLO) = front loop only
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • ch = chain

The Chunky Crochet Scarf Pattern

Ch 42
Be careful not to twist the chain. Insert your hook into the first chain. Slip stitch to join and form a loop.
round 1: sl st in the back bump of each ch around (42 sts)
rounds 2-4: (BLO) sl st in each st around (42 sts)
rounds 5-10: (FLO) sl st in each st around (42 sts)
repeat rounds 2-10
repeat rounds 2-10 again
repeat rounds 2-4

The squishy cowl is perfect for layering this fall and winter. It will keep you cozy and lay right every time you put it on. No styling tricks needed.