I’ll be honest with you.  I haven’t felt inspired. Every idea ends in a flop. I allowed the stress of perfection to creep into my mind. Does this happen to you? I needed an easy project that didn’t require writing down every stitch. One that would turn out. The answer, crochet a rectangle, add a little texture, and use up the overflowing yarn stash.

Boho wall hangings make a statement in any room. Everly’s room needed a statement piece, without the huge price tag. I have a closet full of yarn, but I don’t have a loom or weaving skills. If you want to make a wall hanging but don’t want to invest in a loom, you need to read this tutorial.

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Crochet Wall Hanging Tutorial

The crochet wall hanging tutorial is meant to be a guide. Change the size, yarn weights, or add lace. Let your creativity shine through.

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Measure your stick. Crochet a rectangle 2″ narrower than the length of your stick. I crocheted a rectangle that was 22″ wide using a cream worsted weight yarn. I used the whole skein of yarn, then switched to the Lion Brand Homespun Yarn. The fluffy texture adds a bit of whimsy. After two rows, the pink was added. I finished off that skein and went back to the fluffy goodness.

The exact stitch details are below, but if you want to use up leftover yarn you can keep crocheting until you finish the skein then move onto the next color.

After finishing this wall hanging I fell in love with the versatility of the crochet loop stitch. You can substitute any of the half double crochets for loop stitches. This will create the fringe look without having to go back later and tie each individual piece of yarn. I’m all about saving time.

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What You Need

Special Stitches

Center Half Double Crochet: This unique stitch is worked just like the center single crochet, instead of single crochets you work half double crochets. Insert your hook into the legs of the stitch instead of under the traditional loops. Here’s a center half double crochet video tutorial to walk you through the steps.

The Exact Details To DIY A Wall Hanging

Cream worsted weight yarn

ch 65

row 1: hdc in 2nd ch from the hook. hdc in each chain across. turn (64 sts)

row 2-18: ch 1, center half double crochet in each st across. turn (64 sts)

Switch to Homespun Yarn

row 19-20: ch 2, dc in each st across, turn (64 sts)

Switch to pink worsted weight yarn

row 21-54: ch 1, hdc in each st across, turn (64 sts)

Switch back to Homespun Yarn

row 55-57: ch 2, dc in each st across, turn (64 sts)

The finished rectangle is now 22″ wide and 24″ long.

Adding Your Creativity

On to the fun part; tassels and texture. Cut the Biggie Yarn from Loops and Thread into 24″ pieces. In the video, you can see the best way to tie the tassels, using a larks head knot, plus 4 different methods for adding texture to your wall hanging. The sky is the limit. Whatever you can sew on is fair game, feathers, beads, or ribbon.

Attaching the Stick

I chose to use string instead of yarn to attach the stick. With all that gorgeous texture the wall hanging is heavy. Over time the yarn will stretch.

Leave a 2″ gap between the stick and wall hanging, wrap the string around the stick and sew into the top of the wall hanging. Now to display your wall hanging! Cut a long piece of string, tie each end to the stick, and hang on a nail.

The Bottom Line

Use this crochet wall hanging tutorial as inspiration. When you let go of expectations your creativity will shine through, stress will be lifted, and you’ll have a piece you love.

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