A quick video tutorial shows you how to make a modern crochet Christmas wreath. Welcome your holiday guests with a fun twist on traditional holiday decor.

Decking the halls will only be complete with a modern wreath. Welcome your holiday guests with a fun twist on the traditional crochet Christmas wreath.

A minimalist crochet Christmas wreath that works up fast. DIY Christmas decorations that don't look homemade.

With some leftover yarn, an embroidery hoop, and my favorite crochet hook, I couldn’t resist making my own modern wreath.

The quick video tutorial shows you the steps to make your own festive wreath. Leaving you plenty of time for stringing the lights, wrapping presents and baking those goodies.

Christmas Crochet Wreath Video Tutorial

I chose a simple white yarn. The wreath can stay up through the holiday season and the rest of the winter. The crochet wreath will make a great gift too. You might like the Crochet Wine Bottle Cover Pattern to go along with it.

DIY modern Christmas wreath made with an embroidery hoop, jumbo yarn, and a crochet hook.

What You Need

Steps To Make Your Crochet Christmas Wreath

  1. Add the yarn to the embroidery hoop with a slip stitch.
  2. Place the hook above the hoop, work 1 slip stitch.
  3. Place the hook below the hoop, work 1 slip stitch.
  4. Continue repeating steps 2 and 3 until you have covered half of the embroidery hoop.
  5. Push the stitches close together to get rid of any gaps between the stitches.
  6. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 5 until the hoop is completely covered.
  7. Cut the yarn and weave in the ends, using your fingers, on the back of the wreath.
  8. Add your greenery by tucking it in between the stitches or with a hot glue gun.

All that’s left to do is hang up your wreath, string the lights, and welcome those guests.