I sit down with my yarn, a vintage crochet book, and iced mocha. Ready to find inspiration for my next project. I have 23 minutes before an episode of PawPatrol is over. As I flip through the book, the pages get caught on my scarf. Annoyed, I take off the chunky scarf and realize I just found  inspiration. A ribbed beanie crochet pattern with texture to match.

ribbed beanie crochet pattern

That chunky scarf was made with only 1 stitch, slip stitches. When you slip stitch in the back and front loops it creates a stretchy, ribbed texture that almost looks like it was knit. The perfect texture for a plush and cozy ribbed beanie crochet pattern.

4 tips that will make this stitch easier
  • Keep your tension loose. Slip Stitches are a tight stitch. Keep your tension loose. It should be easy to insert your hook.
  • Use a bigger hook. Use a hook that is almost double the recommended size for your yarn. This will keep the stitches loose & help keep your hat edges from rolling.
  • Count your stitches. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to miss a stitch at the end of your rows. Check your stitch count every once in a while.
  • The front loop is always the loop closest to you. The back loop is the furthest from you. Regardless if you are working the right side or wrong side of the hat.

 Some people prefer thin yarn. Others, like me, love super chunky yarn. Today is all about compromise, I chose a bulky weight yarn. A perfect fit for this ribbed beanie crochet pattern.

Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn by Lion Brand
  • super squishy & soft bounce
  • machine washable & dryable (extra mom points)
  • versatile: I’ve made hats, headbands, & have a sweater on my hook now. (my very 1st sweater, eeek!)


toddler crochet beanie pattern

Get the large print, ad-free PDF here ($2.50)

If you need help with the abbreviations I have a cheat sheet here.


 Ribbed Beanie Crochet Pattern

The toddler size stitch count is listed 2nd in ()


//This hat has a little bit of slouch. To make a fitted hat make your beginning ch smaller.//

ch 38 (30) ( this will be super long, it shrinks as you start to work a few rows of sl sts)

row 1. sl st in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in each ch across. turn (37sts)(30sts)

At the start of each row the pattern reads (BLO) or (FLO). Work the entire row in the indicated loop.

row 2. ch 1, (BLO) sl st in each st across, turn (37sts)(30sts)

row 3. ch 1 (FLO) sl st in each st across. turn (37sts)(30sts)

row 4-57 (4-53) repeat rows 2 & 3


If your rectangle starts to get narrower you are working your sl sts to tight. The fabric will be stretchy. This causes the edges to be wavy.

  1. Fold the rectangle in half, sl st together to form a tube. Cut yarn leaving a long tail.
  2. Weave tail through end of rows at the top edge of the rectangle. Pull tight to close up the top of the hat.
  3. Fold up brim of the hat. You can sew the brim in place, or leave it adjustable.
  4. Add a fluffy faux fur pom pom.

Finished adult hat size: 9″w X 12″h

free crochet pattern beanie

I hope this beanie took you 3 PawPatrol episodes to make, and you found these 4 tips helpful. Be inspired to go create something beautiful.

 Stay Cozy,

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