The Everly Hat

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5 hours to make a hat. A big ole seam across the back. Oh & don’t forget to sew in the ends from each round where you switched colors. Sound familiar?

If you haven’t noticed yet I love using super bulky yarn. It works up so quickly. My pattern inspiration comes from everywhere, but 1 thing that seems to always play a role in whether or not a pattern becomes a favorite is how long it takes to make. I’m an instant gratification kinda girl!

A Few Crochet Tips

In the free crochet pattern, I will show you how to seamlessly change yarn colors within the same row, without cutting the yarn each time. No more sewing in a gazillion ends! Yay! Another helpful video for this pattern is the “No-Cut Join Method”. With this method, you will have an almost seamless join.

To get rid of the holes in between the ribbed hat band and the first round of the hat body watch this video tutorial. It’s an easy way to crochet around a ribbed hat band.

I love sharing my designs with others. I want to give you a preview of what to expect. I want to give you a free crochet pattern. You can get the adult size pattern for free. The full crochet pattern in sizes 0-6 months, toddler, & child is available for purchase in my shop.

free crochet pattern Now to pick out yarn colors & work up this quick project! It will soon become one of your go-to hats.


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23 comments on “Free Crochet Pattern for the Everly Hat”

  1. I would LOVE the adult pattern for the Everly hat, I bought chunky yarn but didn’t think about what to do with it and this hat is perfect!!

    • Yay! I’m guilty of yarn shopping with no project in mind too! You can get the free pattern sent right to your email. Just enter it at the bottom of the page or at the “home” page.
      Stay Cozy,

    • Hi Jen! You can get the free pattern by entering your email at the bottom of this page or on the “home” page, clicking subscribe, & confirming your email address. Thank You for stopping by!
      Stay Cozy,

  2. Would love this hat and mittens pattern. I love to try new patterns every year and i have a bin full of bulky yarn waiting for a project

    • Hello Amy,
      It’s so fun to try new patterns & chunky yarn is my favorite too! If you enter your email at the bottom of this page & click subscribe you will get a link for the Everly Hat pattern.
      The mitten pattern is available for sale in my Etsy shop.
      Stay cozy,

    • Hello!
      The Fair Isle Patterns are available in my Etsy Shop
      You can get the free pattern by entering your email at the “home” page & clicking subscribe.
      I hope this helps.

  3. Thank you for sharing the pattern. I worked it up today, the stitch pattern turned out fine, but the overall size of the hat is way to big. Can you list the correct dimensions of the hat? I think im going to need to cut it down significantly l.

    • Hello Amanda,
      My finished hat dimensions are 9″wide x 10″ tall. This is unstretched & unworn. I would recommend going down a hook size. Another great way to test the size as you are working, try the band on & see how snug it is. For this pattern you can also decrease the number of rows in the band by multiples of 4.
      I hope this helps!

  4. I would LOVE the adult pattern for the Everly hat, I am a beginner crocheter looking to learn something new! A cute cozy hat for this cold weather would be heavenly!

    • Hi Angela,
      I’m so happy to hear you are learning to crochet! It is so rewarding to master something new. If you enter your email at the bottom of the page & click subscribe the a link for the PDF pattern will be in your email.
      Stay Cozy,

    • Hi Courtney! I’m excited for you to make this hat! You can enter your email on this page & click subscribe. Once you confirm your email address the pattern will be sent!
      Have a happy day,

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