#Fair Isle Friday Series {week 1}

Have you guys jumped on the Fair Isle Crochet train yet? This stitch is super special to me. It’s the stitch that pushed me to publish my first crochet pattern. I stumbled upon the center single crochet stitch this past summer.

I searched EVERYWHERE for a hat pattern & found nothing. So being the DIYer that I am, I came up with my own pattern. If I was looking for the pattern I’m sure others were too!  Because of that, I really wanted to share this with everyone. *Update* Now I have a free Ikat Hat Pattern that uses this knit look stitch.

If you have tried the center single crochet stitch, also known as the waistcoat stitch, you know it’s a very tight stitch. Quite a few people were having problems keeping the tension loose & inserting your hook. In this video, I show you how to make that easier!

Center Single Crochet Stitch

4 Center Single Crochet Tips

      1. Use a larger Hook, I have this one. An aluminum hook with a pointy tip is helpful.
      2. Crochet loosely.
      3. Working in the round is best.
      4. Use the “No-Cut Join Method” for joining at the end of each round. This seamless join will help keep your stitches from slanting.

I’m doing a 4-week #Fair Isle Friday series just for you. Each Friday I will share a new tip, everything you need to know to get the faux knit look.

fair isle crochet videoIf you are ready to put the waistcoat stitch to work, here’s a few crochet patterns to try.

Mittens / Chunky Hat / Medium Weight Hat 

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10 comments on “How To Make The Center Single Crochet Stitch Easier”

  1. Thank you so much for this center single crochet
    video! Just a couple of questions! I want to make coffee cozies. And you said bigger hook, could you please give your thoughts on what size hook and type of yarn you think would be the best?

    Second question…I noticed you Yarn over different from me a most! Does they way you Yarn over make it the beautiful stitch it is?
    Thanks again!!

  2. Hi Judy!
    I have used worsted weight yarn (4) with a 9.00 mm hook.
    The way you yarn over will still make the stitches look the same. I am a self taught crocheter & thought I was holding my yarn correctly for the past 5 years! Once I started watching videos, I quickly noticed I hold my working yarn in the opposite hand. I am working on the correct method but it’s a hard habit to break 🙂
    Thanks for watching the video!

  3. Hi. I just found you today on pinterest. So glad i found you! I love fair isle crochet but havent tried it yet. Thank you for the video tutorials!!! Cant wait to watch and start making items!!

  4. HELLO Juanell!
    I’m so happy you found me too! You need to try fair isle crochet. It’s so fun, plus it’s so rewarding when you learn something new. Let me know if you have any questions along the way. I’m here to help!
    Stay Cozy,

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